Talk To Me

Talk to me,
When things are not okay,
When you feel like no one understands

Talk to me,
Who said that just because you are a man,
You have to keep it all to yourself

Talk to me,
You’ve spent your whole life,
Listening to others,
Ensuring that they are okay,
Its time you had someone to lean on

I want to see a smile on you,
One you do not have to fake,
I want to be the one who will wipe your tears,
I want to be the one you can lean on,
I want to be your guardian angel

Yet that can only happen,
If you let it,
If you can open up,
Always know,
That I am here for you,
So talk to me




Wanting to get lost

Being all in your own world


Wishing you could be invisibe

Just for a while


Wishing you could disappear

Into another world


You want to be all on your own

Those who could understand you don’t want to


Getting lost in your thoughts

Wishing you could do it physicaaly


Yet you can’t

Because regardless of how much you would want to disappear

Someone out there needs you




Even when times are bad

Even when you are angry

It makes a difference



After every tear drop

To remind yourself of how strong you are



After every heartbreak

Since your happiness depends on you



To a neighbor or a stranger

It gives people hope



Even in your worst moments

You smile at times because you have no tears left to shed



Because you deserve to

Bye Bye


This is not what I wanted

But there comes a time

When you cannot take in any more pain

And you finally gather the strength to let go


Goodbye to the tears

Goodbye to the pain

Hello to sorrow

Which will soon blossom to joy


Hello to a new life

One where I will not have to worry about your next move

Hello to a new beginning

Where you’ll probably be happier


Hello to a new phase

Waiting for a time that we’ll use the lessons we’ve learnt

Hello to a new present and future

Goodbye to the past


In My Shoes


If you were in my shoes

Would you stand by me

Would you forgive me for all the wrongs done

Would you keep quiet for each mistake

Would you expect me to say ‘cool’ when you open up

Would you stay

Would you have given up on me

Would you have walked out on me

Would you have done everything differently

Would you have faked the smiles when you knew you were sad

Would you have bothered to talk

Would like to have been ignored

If you were in my shoes

What would you do differently?

New Beginnings


To new beginnings

Growing stronger everyday

Growing apart every minute

Here’s to happiness

Here’s to realizing your worth

To a new life without you

Realizing how strong one can be

Here’s to a new person

No more persevering anything that hurts