My Book



I wrote a book,

Yet you thought every word was about you,


You were completely oblivious to the fact that I had a past,

And people that I’ve loved and hurt before,

Or those that have loved or hurt me before


You completely forgot,

That my book had different characters


You may have been a chapter,

Or a page,

Or a paragraph,

Or a sentence


But do not make me to put down my ink,

Just because you think my whole story is about you


The Friend


Her friend said that she could always turn to her,

Yet when she did in her time of need,

She laughed at her



She held back the tears,

And let out a chuckle,

Not even knowing where it came from


The friend who was to hold her hand,

Pushed it back,

As soon as she reached out


The friend made her feel,

Like she was surrounded,

Yet lonely


The friend who was to wipe her tears,

Made her hold them back,

For another day


And when she walked away from her friend that day,

She knew that she would never turn back


Yet everyday,

She thinks back and wishes,

That all her friend could have said that day was,

‘I’m sorry, I’m here for you’


And maybe,

That day when she lost herself,

Could have only been part of a memory

Turns Out


She thought that no one noticed her,

Turns out he and a few other people did


She thought he would never like her,

Turns out he did


She though that he would never hurt her,

Turns out that he did in a way that she would never forget


He lied that he loved her,

Only to violate her


She thought that he would never noticed her,

Yet he took her to a dark place


She thought that he would never love her,

Turns out he was right


Turns out she was an easy target for him to hurt




It will be okay,

I don’t know when,

I don’t know how,

Just try one more time


Its okay to fail,

Its okay to be jealous


Sometimes we have doubts,

Sometimes we give up,

We are only human


Eventually we start to fight for ourselves,

Because its the only option we have,

We start believing in ourselves,

Hope and faith become our definition of strength,

Then when we least expect it,

Things fall into place

In Love



From the moment we met,

I fell in love with fear


It held out its hand,

And I slowly let mine intertwine


If pulled me closer,

Looked me in the eye,

It made me weak,

Yet I was comfortable


We danced,

As courage watched,

Hoping that I would let go,

And choose it


But when fear whispered in my ear,

When it gave me a slight kiss,

When we came closer to each other,

I felt weak,

I did not want to leave


I knew its treatment was artificial,

It would never make any sacrifices for me,

Everything about choosing it was wrong,

But I wanted to stay in its embrace


I fell in love with fear,

Because I was scared that courage would never like me,

I’d have to fight for it,

It wouldn’t make it easy for me


I fell in love with fear,

Because I knew things would be simpler,

With it by my side




If kisses could speak out loud,

What would yours say?

I love you?

I am only doing this for the thrill?

I want to spend the rest of my life with you?

I want to get in your pants?

It feels right?

I’m using you?


Its not what I expected?

Don’t worry?

Kisses do speak,

Their true story remains in our minds,

And not necessarily the words that come out after

… if there are any

Special One



A man once told her,

That he loved her


Once an enemy,

He later turned out to be her guardian angel


He knew her mood,

By her ‘hello’ on the phone


His presence,

Was enough to make her know that it would be alright


He said that he saw the tears in her heart,

And the joy in her eyes


He said that he saw the pain in her past,

And the struggle in her present


He said that he longed to touch and kiss her,

But he went away


He taught her what love should be,

He made her hold on to him as a memory,

And she wondered if he did the same


She wishes he were still her,

To wipe her tears without his touch,

And to hold her hand without him being in her presence


Everyday she wakes up,

Is a reminder that he went away,


She still remains grateful for the lesson he taught her,

Knowing what love is