It will be okay,

I don’t know when,

I don’t know how,

Just try one more time


Its okay to fail,

Its okay to be jealous


Sometimes we have doubts,

Sometimes we give up,

We are only human


Eventually we start to fight for ourselves,

Because its the only option we have,

We start believing in ourselves,

Hope and faith become our definition of strength,

Then when we least expect it,

Things fall into place


They grew apart


Once upon a time,

Two strangers fell in love


And with time,

They grew apart


With every fight,

She decided not to be dropped and picked up by convenience


With time,

They ended things


The I love you,

Turned into you were a waste of time and money


Then it became clear,

If they really loved you,

Some words would have been said



Her eyes saw nothing but a failure in the girl

Someone that wasn’t good enough

It was a mistake working with her

A waste of time

With her eyes she looked down upon the girl

But the eyes of the girl have seen more than that who criticizes her

They have seen deep into her soul

They have seen her pain

They have seen her fears

Her eyes have also seen her strength

They have seen her faith and hope deep into her soul

They have seen her get back up and fight

Still the Girl


She’s still the girl that’s afraid,

She still the girl people look down upon,

She’s still the girl people insult,

She’s still the girl people laugh at,

She’s still the girl people judge,

She’s the girl that is always being bullied,

She’s still the girl that always feels lonely,

She’s been that girl for most of her life



Its always a storm,

When I am around you,

Thunder to strike my patience,

A tornado to take me to a dark place,

Rain to make me cold,

A tsunami to wash away my love


Its always a storm,

When I’m around you,

I feels like you cause it,

I t feels like you can help,

But you don’t want to,

It feels like you want the storm to take me away


I wait for the day that things will be different,

But it can never be right with you,

It has always been like a storm,

When I’m around you


You Pushed me to Fall


You pushed me to fall,

But I never did


You pushed harder,

But I always survived


With every push,

Happiness was all over your face


You wanted it to be the end of me,

Not because I did anything wrong,

Simply because of your own personal issues


You pushed me to fall,

Yet you couldn’t handle the same being done to you


You pushed me to fall,

Simply because you feared that I was stronger

… and I was


You pushed me to fall,

Hoping that one day I’ll try to push you too

… and I never did


You pushed me to fall,

But all I did was land in calm waters


You pushed me to fall,

But I fought the rough edges and the strong waters,


You pushed me to fall,

But I ended up in peaceful shores


You pushed me to fall,

But every time I survived,

I opened my eyes,

Ready to fight another day


You still push me to fall,

But let it stay clear,

That you will never get what you want from me



She Needed a Help


She was silent,

But screaming inside


They knew something was wrong,

But they never reached out


The memories,

Stuck in her head


What she never expected,

Had happened to her


She blamed herself,

Yet she never knew why


And when she opened up to her friends,

She became disappointed


They laughed in disbelief,

Wondering how she acted


To them it was funny,

Because she looked like a quiet weak girl


To them it was a joke,

Because some things would never happen to girls that look like her


She felt like she was drowning,

But people just stared at her while she did


Every second was a reminder,

Of the horror she had gone through


But she kept it to herself,

And her part of her crushed everyday


Simply because,

Those around her judged her


Simply because,

To them,

She was not the type to be hurt no violated


To them,

No one was interested in a quiet girl


To them,

The quiet ones never got hurt


Years have passed,

But she still wishes


That she would have had a helping hand,

A shoulder to lean on,

A hand to wipe her tears,

A hand to raise her face up,

Every time it looked down in sorrow


But the bitter reality was that she had to be there for herself