You don’t need if,

From anyone but yourself


You don’t need an endorsement from the coolest person in the neighborhood,

Or the most like or most difficult lecturer in school,

Or the boss that is hard to please


I know its tough,

Living in a world where you have to fit in,

The clothes, the hair, the make up, the shoes,

The job, the house, the business, the talent


But why live a life trying to please others,

A majority that don’t really care about you,

And some people who’ll never even know you


You don’t need to follow trends to be validated,

Just be you and love you

I know


This Is Love and Life



This is love,

This is life,

Its what gets me going,

Its my source of happiness,

Its what I’ll never hate,

Its what seems right when everything seems wrong,

Its what burns inside me,

Its what I can do with a pen or a keyboard,

Its writing




She needs a mother,
Not one who is there,
Just because society & the law,
Expect her to be there

She needs a mum,
A woman who looks beyond traditions,
Not one who treats her sons better than a daughter

She needs a mother,
Not one who was raised to teach her daughter to fear her,
But one that her daughter can run to

She needs a mum,
Not one who calls her daughter ‘you’,
Just because she can

She needs a mother,
Not a woman who will shout at her for going to wash her hands,
And not going with the dishes at the table

She needs a mother,
She needs love,
Not a parent,
That has been blinded with traditions,
And gender stereotypes

Different but the Same


They are opposites,
Yet they love each other

When sad,
He loves to talk to others,
She loves to be left alone

When angry,
He keeps it to himself,
She bursts out

With time,
He is always on time,
She is always late

With food,
His best,
Are her worst,
Her best,
Are his worst

With criticism,
He gives it,
And she keeps it to herself

With feelings,
He’s great at expressing them,
She sucks at expressing hers

Is what it will take,
For them to understand their

A miracle,
That the world calls love,
Is what keeps them together