Be A Man


Be strong,

Protect your sisters and your mother,

Work hard,

Go to school,

Study the ‘right’ thing,

Get a job,

Get a wife,

Have children

Take care of your family,

Do all the manly work


Don’t show weakness,

When you are stressed just keep it to yourself,

Or go drink with the boys,

Don’t shed tears


You keep so much to yourself,

You pretend like its all okay,

Even when you are falling apart inside,

You’d rather be a man,

Than a coward,

You keep it all to yourself,

You take it out on others,

When those that care ask what’s wrong,

You keep quiet or get angry


Someone made the rules,

You are just following them




Over the years they told her many things she couldn’t be

A teacher,

A nurse,

A factory employee,

A pilot,

A scientist,

A soldier,

A leader,

A working mother,

A single mother,

A policewoman,

A strong woman,

Yet she has overcome all of this,

Because many strong women spoke out,

Many supportive men joined the quest,

And today, we’ve come a long way,

After a long fight for liberation



A rift created between the pretty ones and the others,

Another rift created between the bright ones and the others

Who makes these rules?

Don’t be curvy,

Don’t be slender

Don’t be too light,

Don’t be too dark

Be independent,

But try to hide the fact that you are

Strive to look like the girl in print and visual media,

Whether you’ll use Photoshop or surgery

Stand up for your rights,

But not in front of the big boys

Satisfy sexual satisfaction,

But be shamed for dating many guys or not being a virgin

Go to work,

But you’ll earn less

If you speak up,

You are simply a nag

You’ve come a long way,

I’m shocked that you still want equity

You don’t make the rules,

So try to hush

Who makes the rules?

A woman in my world,

Is still defined by others

Rather than herself




They want me to be weak.


To them I am a woman rather than a human,

Whenever I show my strength,

They call me a rebel


They want me to depend on them,

They are not enough opportunities to make me compete with them


They want me to serve them,

They’ll turn the screws and lift the heavy items,

I’ll stir the soup, I’ll wash the clothes


Some are my friends some are family,

Why would you want to see me fall rather than rise


Lets talk about equity,

But lets practice patriarchy


Equal or not,

Can’t we at least respect each other



One person put a coin in the cup because they hoped it would help him,

Another because it was the right thing to do,

The other because they hoped it would bring them blessings,

And another simply because they hated coins,

One person put a coin to help him get a meal,

Another because behind him was a sick child and he had never seen such


One person did not put a coin because they thought it was an easy way out,

Another because they thought bringing the sick child along was selfish of him,

The other because he did not want the child to learn to beg to survive,

One person thought it was an act,

Another thought he was too filthy


But no one stopped to ask and listen

Weak but Strong


Sometimes it feels like its time to give up,

But you have to fight on


Sometimes it feels like you’ve given your all,

But you have nothing to show for it


Sometimes you fall on a rough road,

But have have to pick yourself up


You have to be the boxer that was losing,

But you came back and won with a knockout


You may have started the race last,

But you finished first


Sometimes you have to be the cactus,

That grows in the desert


Sometimes you have to be the rainbow,

That comes after the rain


Sometimes you may look weak like a bamboo,

But deep inside you know your are strong


Sometimes you have to shed a tear,

That say lets try this one more time


Sometimes you have to smile,

To show that you haven’t given up


Sometimes you have to be your hero,

Because no one else will


So you have to go to that interview,

Do that audition again,

Talk to that director,

Visit that office,

Keep practicing for that race


Because sometimes we jump off cliffs to land in calm waters,

We jump off planes to land in the best beaches,

We get lost in forests only to discover how beautiful they are,

We are forced to travel the road less taken only to find what we need,

We get lost in the sea only to find breathe taking islands,

And we get lost in deserts only to find that the mirage was real,

We lose a fight so that we can learn how to win it


When you are at the verge of giving up,

When your face looks weak and your body feels like,

At least let your heart be strong

Be Like the Other Girls


She wants to be like the ‘other’ girls

She says that society ‘says she’s not good enough’


She wants to be like the bad girls,

She says that they are judged and loved,

That they always win


She wants to be the bad girl,

She says the ‘good girl never wins’,

‘Society never remembers the good ones’


She wants to be like her rich friend,

She is willing to sell her body for money,

She says that ‘every’ successful woman does


She wants to drive a fast car,

She says it will make her happy


She wants to be like the other girls,

Because she doesn’t really know who she is,

She lets others define her


She wants to be like the other girls,

Yet she doesn’t know that she might be judging them


She wants to be like the other girls,

Because being herself is yet to pay off


So every day,

She strives to be the other girl,

Based on what she imagines,

And not necessarily the truth


Sometimes the person society has labelled to be bad,

Is not necessarily bad,

Sometimes the person society has labelled to be good,

Is not necessarily good



He said that he was a prince,

And he would treat you like his princess


He said he was an angel,

When in reality all he had was an angel’s mask


He said he was a warrior,

But he never fought for you after he got you


This prince,

Became a tyrant


He looked down on you,

He treated you like a slave


He saw you,

Only when you needed you


You though you had fallen for a prince,

Ends up it was just a fairy tale


All he was was a terrible man



Its always a storm,

When I am around you,

Thunder to strike my patience,

A tornado to take me to a dark place,

Rain to make me cold,

A tsunami to wash away my love


Its always a storm,

When I’m around you,

I feels like you cause it,

I t feels like you can help,

But you don’t want to,

It feels like you want the storm to take me away


I wait for the day that things will be different,

But it can never be right with you,

It has always been like a storm,

When I’m around you


You Pushed me to Fall


You pushed me to fall,

But I never did


You pushed harder,

But I always survived


With every push,

Happiness was all over your face


You wanted it to be the end of me,

Not because I did anything wrong,

Simply because of your own personal issues


You pushed me to fall,

Yet you couldn’t handle the same being done to you


You pushed me to fall,

Simply because you feared that I was stronger

… and I was


You pushed me to fall,

Hoping that one day I’ll try to push you too

… and I never did


You pushed me to fall,

But all I did was land in calm waters


You pushed me to fall,

But I fought the rough edges and the strong waters,


You pushed me to fall,

But I ended up in peaceful shores


You pushed me to fall,

But every time I survived,

I opened my eyes,

Ready to fight another day


You still push me to fall,

But let it stay clear,

That you will never get what you want from me