I See You


He said I see you

You usually walk past here

Every evening

At 6 pm


She wasn’t impressed

He must be one of those idlers’

She thought

‘Oh well’ she said,

And started to walk away


He held her arm

Asked her to hold on

Perhaps she could give him her number


She said ‘no’,

‘Why don’t you ask for it tomorrow evening at 6pm’


He pushed on

She gave him


He grabbed his phone from his friend

Gave it to her to put down her number

Then saw her in shock


He took the phone

‘Oh that’

He said

‘Sorry for the porn’

Then there was awkward silence

‘It belongs to my friend’


To avoid the awkward moment

She gave him the number

And that was the beginning

Of a relationship

That was both a blessing and a curse

A cursed blessing





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Funny is a crucial word to me because nowadays it is often confused with being offensive or perhaps to offensive which is open in the social media era.

Some people tend to consider offensive comments on people’s lives or appearance as just jokes on social media and even in real life.

What if the victim takes it seriously or as bullying? What if they grew up being told such negative comments and they have been trying to fight that?

Should the victim quit social media or keep away from the offender, if so will the offender look for another victim?

Someone once told me that a ‘joke is the truth told in a funny way’.

That does not mean that you impose a truth on me ‘in a funny way’ or through a ‘joke’.


All in all , don’t use the jokes to offend people with certain comments and finish it up with laughter, they may laugh with you then go to cry alone and a serious outcome is at times suicide.

Be careful when joking. People will often joke on topics such a racism, sexual violence, child abuse and other forms of inequality yet they know they are crucial issues.

At the end of the day ensure that your jokes are not influencing others negatively, let them be friendly and fun.

I really don’t have much to say on this nor do I have a clear opinion but all in all I think that there should be a clear line between bullying and joking.






Here’s life
Whispering to me
‘Its your time’

Here’s fear
Telling me
‘You cannot do it’

Here’s doubt
Letting me know
‘I cannot guarantee a good future’

Here’s courage
Saying softly
‘Its time you took the bull by the horns’

Here’s patience
Convincing me
‘Have some hope’

Here’s hope
Pushing me
Because its time to live

Here’s experience
Assuring me
‘I taught you well enough’

Here’s life
With the notice
‘The time to live is now’

Not Her

I’m not her
I’m still learning to be me
I feel like you want me to be her

I’m not her
I’ll never have her body
I’ll never have her personality

I’m not any of them
It’s a new catch every day
Its still you asking for trust everyday

The tears you’ve caused
The sleepless nights
The silent dates

I cannot be me
When you expect me to be her
I cannot live in self pity
But I can push back
Simply because, I’ll never be her


Things started out bad
Trials followed
Then things turned out right

I want you to be happy
I want to be happy
Yet a sad past holds me back

What if I’m still not good enough
You never said it
Yet you showed it

What if I take the leap of faith with you
Then see you choose
…to go back to your hold habits

I’m in fear
Is this change temporary
Or is this shot of happiness we have real