You held me up when everything was trying to pull me down,

You stood up for me when everyone was working on making me fall,

You made me believe in me when I was hopeless,

You made me rise when I was falling,

You created a hero in me in the midst of a war,

You created a fighter yet you didn’t even know it

Mysterious Girl

She walks with her messay hair,

Charred lips,

Red eyes,

Dry skin

She tries to smile,

But her lips only curve on one side

She moves around clumsly,

She avoids the gaze of everyone she meets

She is the talk of the town,

Not in a good way,

She is the hated mysterious girl


The House

It will be your refuge,

They said

Yet it’s where she felt most empty,

It’s where she felt most lonely,

It’s where she felt most misunderstood,

It’s where she felt most judged

She hides within boundaries of this place she doesn’t like,

What was supposed to be her home,

Felt more like a dungeon


Cry for Help

She feels empty,

She holds back the tears but she still cries,

She tries to speak but she can’t,

She’s locked up in a world of chaos,

She builds her walls to lock out her world,

She cries for help in silence.