So complicated yet so simple,

So dark yet so colorful,

So secretive yet so open,

So difficult yet so easy,

So depressing yet so hopeful,

So spiteful yet so full of love,

So unpredictable yet so wishful,

So limited yet so limitless,





If kisses could speak out loud,

What would yours say?

I love you?

I am only doing this for the thrill?

I want to spend the rest of my life with you?

I want to get in your pants?

It feels right?

I’m using you?


Its not what I expected?

Don’t worry?

Kisses do speak,

Their true story remains in our minds,

And not necessarily the words that come out after

… if there are any

She Needed a Help


She was silent,

But screaming inside


They knew something was wrong,

But they never reached out


The memories,

Stuck in her head


What she never expected,

Had happened to her


She blamed herself,

Yet she never knew why


And when she opened up to her friends,

She became disappointed


They laughed in disbelief,

Wondering how she acted


To them it was funny,

Because she looked like a quiet weak girl


To them it was a joke,

Because some things would never happen to girls that look like her


She felt like she was drowning,

But people just stared at her while she did


Every second was a reminder,

Of the horror she had gone through


But she kept it to herself,

And her part of her crushed everyday


Simply because,

Those around her judged her


Simply because,

To them,

She was not the type to be hurt no violated


To them,

No one was interested in a quiet girl


To them,

The quiet ones never got hurt


Years have passed,

But she still wishes


That she would have had a helping hand,

A shoulder to lean on,

A hand to wipe her tears,

A hand to raise her face up,

Every time it looked down in sorrow


But the bitter reality was that she had to be there for herself




This tear,

Is for the broken heart


This tear,

Is for the one I’ve lost


This tear,

Is for the change I’ve made


This tear,

Is for giving up


This tear,

Is for the person I made happy


This tear,

Is for realizing someone cared


This tear,

Is for shading away the pain


This tear,

Is unexpected


This tear,

Is one that came after a smile


This tear,

Is to celebrate my victory


Those tears,

Can never be defined by anyone but myself




Even when times are bad

Even when you are angry

It makes a difference



After every tear drop

To remind yourself of how strong you are



After every heartbreak

Since your happiness depends on you



To a neighbor or a stranger

It gives people hope



Even in your worst moments

You smile at times because you have no tears left to shed



Because you deserve to