She let go of him,

For another,

She thought was better

Years later,

She’s all alone,

Nothing is working

She has memories of what they used to be,

She wishes she could go back,

Yet its too late

Tears flow down her eyes,

She looks up,

Asking for another chance

Yet she let go,

And she’ll never have him back,

She’ll have to face another day,

Regretting her decision


Bye Bye


This is not what I wanted

But there comes a time

When you cannot take in any more pain

And you finally gather the strength to let go


Goodbye to the tears

Goodbye to the pain

Hello to sorrow

Which will soon blossom to joy


Hello to a new life

One where I will not have to worry about your next move

Hello to a new beginning

Where you’ll probably be happier


Hello to a new phase

Waiting for a time that we’ll use the lessons we’ve learnt

Hello to a new present and future

Goodbye to the past