Strong Man


She was raised,

To treat men right


When he is hungry,

… she cooks for him


When she talks to him,

… he can disrespect her


When he messes up,

… she cleans up


When he forgets,

… she reminds him


When he insults her,

… she should tolerate it


He is a man,

… that is what she was told,

She should obey him


And that is what she learnt


He could disrespect,

He could insult her,

He could act like a child,

He had to be looked after,

He could do what he wanted to


… provided he was behind closed doors

… that is what she had observed


She knew the truth,

He was a strong man behind closed doors,

In the real world, he had to prove it,

Because in the real world,

Titles are not just handed,

…neither is respect





holding hands

A long journey,

A happy journey,

A trying journey,

A new journey


Faith developed,

Hope becomes stronger than your doubts,

Smiles replace your frowns,

Happiness becomes a way of life


You suddenly long for someone’s sight,

Their voice,

Their smile,

Their touch


This is a dream come true,

This is life,

This is love



New life,

Changing times,

The truth unfolds


You have to go for what you want,

No one can entirely protect you,

You have to learn how to fight


You are now living the future you always dreaded,

One that you had been waiting for,

Yet as it drew near you wanted to avoid it


You are learning new things,

But what scares you,

Is the fact that it is just the beginning,

… there is more to come,

Yet its already tough