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Strength isn’t always about the vigor,

The optimism,

The muscle


Sometimes its inner power,

That little voice,

The little motivation


That gives you the strength to go on,

Even when everything around you,

Is pointing out the fact that its time to give up




A break from daily routine,

A day with someone who really cares,

A peaceful garden,

Time to create memories,

And time to bond,

Is all you need for a good week at times



Years of hard work,

They said it would pay off


Sacrifices you made,

Resilience you showed


But they said,

‘Don’t give up yet…

… it will bear fruits’


And today you stare,

Nothing to show for it,

But the despair inside you


They must have lied,

When they said that hard-work pays


The hope you had,

All the faith you held on to



Reality hits,

Its no longer about what you always hoped for,

But the bitter reality you carry around

What You Wish For


Sometimes you make a wish,

And it comes true


An unbelievable moment,

Becomes a lasting one


And you wonder,

When do wishes come true


When you make them,

Or months after


In a dark night,

In front of a tiny shop


Or on a long walk home,

Talking and eating your favorite cookies


In a rooftop watching the stars and the moon,

Or in the house you’ve never been comfortable in


On a first date,

Or when you begin to know them


When you’ve been through enough,

And the world finally gives you a break


You don’t even know


But suddenly you are living out your dream,

And you are not alone,

Since someone special is living every moment with you


So you stop asking the questions,

And you choose to enjoy every moment


Its clear each and everyday,

That you are not living a dream,

You are living your life


After a long time,

You finally got what you deserved



Traditional Woman


She is being raised,

To be the person she doesn’t want to be


Her life feels like a prison,

In which she has been serving a 25 year sentence


She is the ‘woman’ of the house,

She has always been,

Even as a child


She cooks and cleans,

As she watches other people relax,

Simply because they are men,

And she is not,

At least that’s what they say


When tragedy strikes,

She is supposed to forget about her life,

It doesn’t matter that she has exams or loaded school work, or office work,

She has to put down anything regarding her professional life,

Until all is solved,

Even when those who could help her are many,

.. and they have nothing to do,

Because she is a ‘woman’


Her future in the minds of her family,


But most importantly a ‘submissive’ wife,

In the thoughts a ‘servant’ wife,

Because that is what she was raised to be


Her future in her mind,



Free from the prison built for her,

Living a life she wants for herself,

Not a life that she is being forced to live,

She will not be the ‘traditional woman’ she was raised to be,

She will be her own woman




…the perception the world has of her


The world has a perception of the word innocent,

She must be good,

She doesn’t talk much


‘Oh!…but when she talks

…she’s not that good’

They say


And she wonders,

Why do they have to bothered,

Why do they want to know so much about her,

Yet she keeps to herself


Why do they judge her,

Before they know her


Why do they assume that they know her,

Rather than just getting to know her


Its a waste of time to them,

She is quiet,

She is probably boring,

So for the rest of her life,

She is going to be judged by the world ‘innocence’





Time flies,

If only our thoughts,

Could turn into reality,

As fast as we would like them too


Its funny how things change,

Today you are broken,

You think you’ve changed,

And tomorrow you are healed


We are now in a happy place,

Yet we came from a land of sorrow,

We want to enjoy the moment,

Yet obstacles keep us apart


We are unsure of tomorrow,

Even though we smile today,

We hope tomorrow will be better