The House

It will be your refuge,

They said

Yet it’s where she felt most empty,

It’s where she felt most lonely,

It’s where she felt most misunderstood,

It’s where she felt most judged

She hides within boundaries of this place she doesn’t like,

What was supposed to be her home,

Felt more like a dungeon




Her story,

One that has been said a million times,

Pretty much a cliché to the world,

Her story,

One that makes the society label her,

Her story,

Often told in a world that brands her,

‘Ugly’, ‘Stupid’, ‘Walks like a dog’, ‘Eats like a cat’,

She was bullies,

She was looked down upon,

She felt worthless,

She grew up not knowing herself,

Because society had already defined her,

So it stuck to her,

But she tries to fight it,

But it holds on to her



Wanting to get lost

Being all in your own world


Wishing you could be invisibe

Just for a while


Wishing you could disappear

Into another world


You want to be all on your own

Those who could understand you don’t want to


Getting lost in your thoughts

Wishing you could do it physicaaly


Yet you can’t

Because regardless of how much you would want to disappear

Someone out there needs you