The past murder of Serah Aruwa caused public outrage and shock, just as the hit and run murder a while back of Mercy Keino. Both were engaging in activities most students do out campus which seem harmless. Serah was going for a date with a schoolmate and Mercy had gone for a party. Such incidents are also reported in other parts of the world and here are a few of a million stories, sadly true ones.



The Makerere University student was found naked and sadly dead in her room. She had supposedly been strangled and had bruises around her neck. The main murder suspect was Hillary Oketch, her boyfriend.




The Yale doctorate student disappeared days before her wedding day and her dead body was discovered on her wedding day in the basement of the Yale Research Building. She was placed into the wall upside down and her bra was pushed upwards towards her head, and her panties were pulled down around her ankles. The murderer was Raymond Jay Clark, a lab technician at Yale.


Mazul was found dead place inside a cupboard. Mazur, who was studying International Relations, had gone to Evans-Loude’s home for drinks. After the killing, the politics, philosophy and economics student telephoned others to say he had a “stiff” in his house and asking for help in getting rid of it. Evans-Loude claimed Mazur attacked him but friends and family said he was a hard-working student who was never aggressive. Evans-Loude, the son of teacher parents from Barnstaple, Devon, had wept during his trial saying: “I beat him to death – of course I was not in control. I lost it.”


lin and luka

Left is 33-year-old international student Lin Jun from Wuhan. Right is 29-year-old Canadian murderer Luka Magnotta.

Luka, a pornographic male actor, is believed to have sexually assaulted Lin Jun and even uploaded the video. He even recorded the dismembering of the body and mailed a hand and foot of the victim to the Conservative Party and Liberal Party headquarters in Canada. The video shows him eating some of the victim’s tissue!!!


The gunman, Huan Yun Xiang, shot his teacher and classmates killing two and injuring five. He was found not guilty and transferred to a psychiatric hospital.


1. Make sure you know someone very well before associating with them.

2. Walk in groups , especially at night.

3. Report any suspicious behavior.

Always knows when to walk away.

5. If your conscious is telling you not to do something TRUST IT and DON’T DO IT . Serah Aruwa had a hunch and that is why she left details of the person she was going out with on that fateful day.


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