I’ve heard of a few cases where students have studied free by forging bank slips and studying free of charge. In some cases it goes unnoticed or it just cannot be proved.


This is a sad example. Good boy hits on bad girl, girl turns him down. The girl is famous for sleeping around and on a drunken escapade she gets gang raped and unfortunately infected with HIV/AIDS. She embarks on a revenge mass infection mission sleeping with anyone willing and writes down their names. Later she remembers the good boy she turned down approaches him and is turned down. Days later she spikes the dudes drink and rapes him. Having known about her behavior he reportedly commits suicide as his body is never found and he is never seen again.

The mass infections in our campuses are just depressing although there has been no prove if they are true or not. Nonetheless, they seem to be on the decline.


Sexual relations between lectures and students are a contemporary issue in our universities. Well a female student in a certain university is believed to have recorded her escapades with her lecturer which did rounds of the internet.

Unfortunately there many sex tape of unsuspecting victims doing rounds in the internet. And yeah, in this era cameras come in all shapes and sizes.


Well word on the street is that politics is a dirty game, even if you are just a certain leader in a university. They have experienced everything from rooms being looted, death threats and physical forms of injury. Advice…  look before you leap because the grass is not always greener on the other side.



University strikes are often rowdy and may lead to deaths in extreme cases.

University strikes are often rowdy and may lead to deaths in extreme cases.

Strike scenario in a university. Let the picture do the talking.


While in campus you have to be on the lookout as a student. Every year there is unfortunately a story of an unfortunate victim murdered by someone close or distant.


Girls love fashion, boys love gadgets, and girls, hope that these are not stereotypes. Students use various ways to hustle. Some are bad some are good. From theft, utilizing talent, prostitution, finding a job, drug dealing among other things…at the end of the day for a huge number of students it’s all about the money…get rich or die trying!!!!


After having fun for a whole semester and forgetting about exams…cheating becomes a priority for many students. From the old school ‘mwakenya’ (summarized notes on small pieces of paper) to the modern era Google. You can have someone sit the exam for you, exchange papers while doing exams. Some prefer sexually transmitted grades. Alternatively you can take an extra paper, throw it out the window and have someone do it for you in the library or have a ‘mad’ man sing out the answers in your vernacular.



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