A World


In a world

Where disability and disease

Is used to lock people out

Rather than to help them


In a world where leaders hate

To gain supporters


In a world where leaders at work

Put their employees down

And they never help them


In a world where race shouldn’t matter

But if you dig deeply it does


In a world where there is so much fighting

Life is no longer important


In a world that is all about the ruler

You can literally ignore the ruled


In a world where people are tired

But few dare to speak out




They want me to be weak.


To them I am a woman rather than a human,

Whenever I show my strength,

They call me a rebel


They want me to depend on them,

They are not enough opportunities to make me compete with them


They want me to serve them,

They’ll turn the screws and lift the heavy items,

I’ll stir the soup, I’ll wash the clothes


Some are my friends some are family,

Why would you want to see me fall rather than rise


Lets talk about equity,

But lets practice patriarchy


Equal or not,

Can’t we at least respect each other