Dancing with Death



They lived in fear,

They had in the past be a target of their nation

Children of their nation,

Killed and tortured,

By those meant to protect them

Seeds of their nation,

Called looters and hooligans to justify their killings

Those meant to keep them safe,

Kept quiet,

Those who talked,


Those who tried,

Were intimidated

Those that fought on,

Were silenced

They watched as some of their brothers,

Danced to the rhythm of their death,

Just because they spoke a different tongue


Wounded forever,

They lost their fathers,

Their friends,

Their siblings,

They even lost their children

Their truth was denied,

Only they know what it was like to face death,

Then being blamed for bringing it on themselves through lies and propaganda

They were lied to when they were told that they were children of their nation,

They wait for the end of their torment while they live in fear,

They have memories that will always be scars in their hearts,

Yet they fear that this may not be the end,

All they do is pray that there will not be a next time,

All they have to hold on to is their faith




So complicated yet so simple,

So dark yet so colorful,

So secretive yet so open,

So difficult yet so easy,

So depressing yet so hopeful,

So spiteful yet so full of love,

So unpredictable yet so wishful,

So limited yet so limitless,





She was once a tiny plant,

With flowers blooming


As she grew,

She got trampled and stepped on,

Weeds grew around her,

She stopped getting her sunlight and water,

She had stones and cement thrown around her


With time she grew weaker,

And lay down looking like she had died,

Deep inside,

She felt like it was over


But with time,

Her little portion of sunlight,

The little water she got,

Made her fight just a little


Before she knew it,

She was up,

She started to rise again


She once was a flower that could only grow in soil,

But she now learnt how to maneuver and grow between stones

Weak but Strong


Sometimes it feels like its time to give up,

But you have to fight on


Sometimes it feels like you’ve given your all,

But you have nothing to show for it


Sometimes you fall on a rough road,

But have have to pick yourself up


You have to be the boxer that was losing,

But you came back and won with a knockout


You may have started the race last,

But you finished first


Sometimes you have to be the cactus,

That grows in the desert


Sometimes you have to be the rainbow,

That comes after the rain


Sometimes you may look weak like a bamboo,

But deep inside you know your are strong


Sometimes you have to shed a tear,

That say lets try this one more time


Sometimes you have to smile,

To show that you haven’t given up


Sometimes you have to be your hero,

Because no one else will


So you have to go to that interview,

Do that audition again,

Talk to that director,

Visit that office,

Keep practicing for that race


Because sometimes we jump off cliffs to land in calm waters,

We jump off planes to land in the best beaches,

We get lost in forests only to discover how beautiful they are,

We are forced to travel the road less taken only to find what we need,

We get lost in the sea only to find breathe taking islands,

And we get lost in deserts only to find that the mirage was real,

We lose a fight so that we can learn how to win it


When you are at the verge of giving up,

When your face looks weak and your body feels like,

At least let your heart be strong

Its Love


There’s that one thing,

That you’ll always hold on to,

Even when you give up on everything else


A dream, a talent, a hobby or a lifestyle


There’s that one thing,

That will always cheer you up,

In your worst moment


There’s that one thing,

That you will engage in,

At your best, in normal times, and at you worst


Its passion,

Its what you believe it,

Its what will never be a waste of time,

Its love