The Friend


Her friend said that she could always turn to her,

Yet when she did in her time of need,

She laughed at her



She held back the tears,

And let out a chuckle,

Not even knowing where it came from


The friend who was to hold her hand,

Pushed it back,

As soon as she reached out


The friend made her feel,

Like she was surrounded,

Yet lonely


The friend who was to wipe her tears,

Made her hold them back,

For another day


And when she walked away from her friend that day,

She knew that she would never turn back


Yet everyday,

She thinks back and wishes,

That all her friend could have said that day was,

‘I’m sorry, I’m here for you’


And maybe,

That day when she lost herself,

Could have only been part of a memory


Turns Out


She thought that no one noticed her,

Turns out he and a few other people did


She thought he would never like her,

Turns out he did


She though that he would never hurt her,

Turns out that he did in a way that she would never forget


He lied that he loved her,

Only to violate her


She thought that he would never noticed her,

Yet he took her to a dark place


She thought that he would never love her,

Turns out he was right


Turns out she was an easy target for him to hurt



Its always a storm,

When I am around you,

Thunder to strike my patience,

A tornado to take me to a dark place,

Rain to make me cold,

A tsunami to wash away my love


Its always a storm,

When I’m around you,

I feels like you cause it,

I t feels like you can help,

But you don’t want to,

It feels like you want the storm to take me away


I wait for the day that things will be different,

But it can never be right with you,

It has always been like a storm,

When I’m around you


Who Is She


She came out of nowhere,

She’s still in denial,

She’s changed,

Yet she doesn’t want to accept it


How did this happen,

How did she let it happen,

For every action,

She tries to think,

And do what the old her would have done

… after she’s already done something,

That she never expected to


Is this what pain does to people?

Is this change that she is resisting worth it,

Why is she scared of this demon coming out of her?


Maybe its because she used to be the good girl,

She will be judged if she acts differently,

Maybe its because everything she wants to do,

Just feels wrong,

She would never have thought of it,


A big part of her,

Is still trying to hold on the the old her,

The good her,

That got her,

Yet was strong enough to always move on


She always wonders,

Is this what pain does to people?

And a little voice tells her,

‘Fuck your worries’,

‘Pick up the pieces’,

‘Move on’,

‘Its your time to hurt’,

‘Your time to be bad’,

‘Your time to stop worrying about others’,

‘Your time to stop being sorry’


And a voice counters,

‘Nobody deserves to have pain inflicted on them,

By another person’




Takes you out,
Gives you the keys,
Gives you the passwords,
Yet you still live in doubt

Flirts all day,
Jobless but always travels,
Never answers your questions,
Tells you you are paranoid

With months,
He’s the person you hate most,
You know he’s lying,
You’ve never seen anything wrong

When the truth comes out,
It was never your fault,
He just got better than he deserved,
And he taught you to be stronger



Hiding from the world

Hiding from your fears

Hiding from form your dreams

Hiding from love

Trying to run away from pain

Hiding from anyone

Who’s nearly breaking down your walls

No strength to face your fears

Pushing away every helping hand

Shutting down your emotions

Because all you are afraid of

Is getting negative consequences… again