You held me up when everything was trying to pull me down,

You stood up for me when everyone was working on making me fall,

You made me believe in me when I was hopeless,

You made me rise when I was falling,

You created a hero in me in the midst of a war,

You created a fighter yet you didn’t even know it





So complicated yet so simple,

So dark yet so colorful,

So secretive yet so open,

So difficult yet so easy,

So depressing yet so hopeful,

So spiteful yet so full of love,

So unpredictable yet so wishful,

So limited yet so limitless,


Bad Week


One of those weeks,

Where everything seems to go wrong,

And you hope for better days


One of those weeks,

Where your reputation goes down the drain,

And a dark cloud seems to follow you everywhere


One of those weeks,

Where you expect the worst,

And an hour feels like a month


One of those weeks,

That you feel so weak,

The strength you need vanishes


One of those weeks,

That you will end up conquering,

That you shouldn’t let hinder you,

A week that is a curtain-raiser for the best of years to come 🙂


One of those weeks,

That make you look at life positively,

Because despite being the worst,

It had some of your best experiences