You held me up when everything was trying to pull me down,

You stood up for me when everyone was working on making me fall,

You made me believe in me when I was hopeless,

You made me rise when I was falling,

You created a hero in me in the midst of a war,

You created a fighter yet you didn’t even know it


Turns Out


She thought that no one noticed her,

Turns out he and a few other people did


She thought he would never like her,

Turns out he did


She though that he would never hurt her,

Turns out that he did in a way that she would never forget


He lied that he loved her,

Only to violate her


She thought that he would never noticed her,

Yet he took her to a dark place


She thought that he would never love her,

Turns out he was right


Turns out she was an easy target for him to hurt

Special One



A man once told her,

That he loved her


Once an enemy,

He later turned out to be her guardian angel


He knew her mood,

By her ‘hello’ on the phone


His presence,

Was enough to make her know that it would be alright


He said that he saw the tears in her heart,

And the joy in her eyes


He said that he saw the pain in her past,

And the struggle in her present


He said that he longed to touch and kiss her,

But he went away


He taught her what love should be,

He made her hold on to him as a memory,

And she wondered if he did the same


She wishes he were still her,

To wipe her tears without his touch,

And to hold her hand without him being in her presence


Everyday she wakes up,

Is a reminder that he went away,


She still remains grateful for the lesson he taught her,

Knowing what love is






Her eyes saw nothing but a failure in the girl

Someone that wasn’t good enough

It was a mistake working with her

A waste of time

With her eyes she looked down upon the girl

But the eyes of the girl have seen more than that who criticizes her

They have seen deep into her soul

They have seen her pain

They have seen her fears

Her eyes have also seen her strength

They have seen her faith and hope deep into her soul

They have seen her get back up and fight



He said that he was a prince,

And he would treat you like his princess


He said he was an angel,

When in reality all he had was an angel’s mask


He said he was a warrior,

But he never fought for you after he got you


This prince,

Became a tyrant


He looked down on you,

He treated you like a slave


He saw you,

Only when you needed you


You though you had fallen for a prince,

Ends up it was just a fairy tale


All he was was a terrible man

I smile


I smile because you let me in,

I smile because you gave me a chance,

I smile because you kept your promises,

I smile because you are always there,

I smile because you chose to understand me before you judged me,

I smile because you showed me happiness,

I smile because you  are slowly turning my dreams into reality,

I smile because you strive to make me smile,

I smile because you reminded me how it felt like to be in love

She’ll be Bad


She was good,

Till she met the bad bad boys,

She used to do everything right,

Everything the world said that a good girl should do,

Till the bad ones broke her.


He said he loved her,

He wanted to be with her for the rest of his life,

And when he got what he wanted,

He left her for someone better,

Whom he married.


She met another,

He said he loved her,

But when she gave him her chance,

He hit her,

And called her names,

Until she could take no more.


With time she got tired,

She believed that she was nothing,

She changed so that people would fear her,

All because she did not want to have a broken heart.


She let everyone think that she was loose,

She became rude,

She acted like she never cared,

She became the bad girl.


But deep down,

She knew that she was protecting herself,

And it was better to close her doors,

Than to be broken by by someone she grew to trust and love.