Mysterious Girl

She walks with her messay hair,

Charred lips,

Red eyes,

Dry skin

She tries to smile,

But her lips only curve on one side

She moves around clumsly,

She avoids the gaze of everyone she meets

She is the talk of the town,

Not in a good way,

She is the hated mysterious girl




Her eyes saw nothing but a failure in the girl

Someone that wasn’t good enough

It was a mistake working with her

A waste of time

With her eyes she looked down upon the girl

But the eyes of the girl have seen more than that who criticizes her

They have seen deep into her soul

They have seen her pain

They have seen her fears

Her eyes have also seen her strength

They have seen her faith and hope deep into her soul

They have seen her get back up and fight




…the perception the world has of her


The world has a perception of the word innocent,

She must be good,

She doesn’t talk much


‘Oh!…but when she talks

…she’s not that good’

They say


And she wonders,

Why do they have to bothered,

Why do they want to know so much about her,

Yet she keeps to herself


Why do they judge her,

Before they know her


Why do they assume that they know her,

Rather than just getting to know her


Its a waste of time to them,

She is quiet,

She is probably boring,

So for the rest of her life,

She is going to be judged by the world ‘innocence’