You held me up when everything was trying to pull me down,

You stood up for me when everyone was working on making me fall,

You made me believe in me when I was hopeless,

You made me rise when I was falling,

You created a hero in me in the midst of a war,

You created a fighter yet you didn’t even know it




So complicated yet so simple,

So dark yet so colorful,

So secretive yet so open,

So difficult yet so easy,

So depressing yet so hopeful,

So spiteful yet so full of love,

So unpredictable yet so wishful,

So limited yet so limitless,





It will be okay,

I don’t know when,

I don’t know how,

Just try one more time


Its okay to fail,

Its okay to be jealous


Sometimes we have doubts,

Sometimes we give up,

We are only human


Eventually we start to fight for ourselves,

Because its the only option we have,

We start believing in ourselves,

Hope and faith become our definition of strength,

Then when we least expect it,

Things fall into place



Her eyes saw nothing but a failure in the girl

Someone that wasn’t good enough

It was a mistake working with her

A waste of time

With her eyes she looked down upon the girl

But the eyes of the girl have seen more than that who criticizes her

They have seen deep into her soul

They have seen her pain

They have seen her fears

Her eyes have also seen her strength

They have seen her faith and hope deep into her soul

They have seen her get back up and fight



holding hands

A long journey,

A happy journey,

A trying journey,

A new journey


Faith developed,

Hope becomes stronger than your doubts,

Smiles replace your frowns,

Happiness becomes a way of life


You suddenly long for someone’s sight,

Their voice,

Their smile,

Their touch


This is a dream come true,

This is life,

This is love


Don’t just be a chapter in my book,
Be part of my whole book

Don’t just be a stanza in my poem,
Be my whole poem

Don’t just be a tree,
Be my whole garden

Don’t just be my man,
Be my best friend & my family

Don’t just be a smile on my face,
Be my source of joy

Don’t just be someone that completes me,
Become a part of me