No tears,

No emotions


Standing still,

Occasional smiling,

Frequent hiding

She had built herself,

And broke down her walls

But all those who came running in,

Were simply the wrong kind of people

They told her she was worthless,

They avoided her like a diseases,

And they only needed her,

When they needed someone to look down upon and to despise,

They taught her to hate herself,

And she accepted it

She tried to be strong,

But deep down she knows,

The strength she tries to show,

Is a mask for depression,

That she thinks will be her ruin

She wants to fight,

Yet she asks herself,

‘How many times,

Will I have to say,

I’ll put on a fight,

Just one more time’




One person put a coin in the cup because they hoped it would help him,

Another because it was the right thing to do,

The other because they hoped it would bring them blessings,

And another simply because they hated coins,

One person put a coin to help him get a meal,

Another because behind him was a sick child and he had never seen such


One person did not put a coin because they thought it was an easy way out,

Another because they thought bringing the sick child along was selfish of him,

The other because he did not want the child to learn to beg to survive,

One person thought it was an act,

Another thought he was too filthy


But no one stopped to ask and listen