No tears,

No emotions


Standing still,

Occasional smiling,

Frequent hiding

She had built herself,

And broke down her walls

But all those who came running in,

Were simply the wrong kind of people

They told her she was worthless,

They avoided her like a diseases,

And they only needed her,

When they needed someone to look down upon and to despise,

They taught her to hate herself,

And she accepted it

She tried to be strong,

But deep down she knows,

The strength she tries to show,

Is a mask for depression,

That she thinks will be her ruin

She wants to fight,

Yet she asks herself,

‘How many times,

Will I have to say,

I’ll put on a fight,

Just one more time’


What If


What if I told you,

That you don’t have to be scared,

You can fight the fear


What if I told you,

That you don’t have to be alone,

There’s someone by your side


What if I told you,

To open your eyes,

To see that they truly love you


What if I told you,

That you can stop assuming,

That you can always ask


What if I told you,

That its okay to cry,

The tears will dry


What if I told you,

That I loved you,

That I’ll always be there for you