She’s the Man


They taught her to be gentle and submissive,

They taught her to cook and clean,

They told her it was not her job to hunt,

They taught her to be a lady


They never told her that she’d have to hunt,

They never told her that she would have to do the tasks the other did not feel like doing,

They never told her that she’d have to fight,

They never told her that she’d have to hide her weakness,


They never told her that she could be just as strong and powerful as she wanted to,

Until she had to,

And when she did,

They tried to put her down for it,

But they didn’t know how strong life had made her



Still the Girl


She’s still the girl that’s afraid,

She still the girl people look down upon,

She’s still the girl people insult,

She’s still the girl people laugh at,

She’s still the girl people judge,

She’s the girl that is always being bullied,

She’s still the girl that always feels lonely,

She’s been that girl for most of her life

Traditional Woman


She is being raised,

To be the person she doesn’t want to be


Her life feels like a prison,

In which she has been serving a 25 year sentence


She is the ‘woman’ of the house,

She has always been,

Even as a child


She cooks and cleans,

As she watches other people relax,

Simply because they are men,

And she is not,

At least that’s what they say


When tragedy strikes,

She is supposed to forget about her life,

It doesn’t matter that she has exams or loaded school work, or office work,

She has to put down anything regarding her professional life,

Until all is solved,

Even when those who could help her are many,

.. and they have nothing to do,

Because she is a ‘woman’


Her future in the minds of her family,


But most importantly a ‘submissive’ wife,

In the thoughts a ‘servant’ wife,

Because that is what she was raised to be


Her future in her mind,



Free from the prison built for her,

Living a life she wants for herself,

Not a life that she is being forced to live,

She will not be the ‘traditional woman’ she was raised to be,

She will be her own woman