Dancing with Death



They lived in fear,

They had in the past be a target of their nation

Children of their nation,

Killed and tortured,

By those meant to protect them

Seeds of their nation,

Called looters and hooligans to justify their killings

Those meant to keep them safe,

Kept quiet,

Those who talked,


Those who tried,

Were intimidated

Those that fought on,

Were silenced

They watched as some of their brothers,

Danced to the rhythm of their death,

Just because they spoke a different tongue


Wounded forever,

They lost their fathers,

Their friends,

Their siblings,

They even lost their children

Their truth was denied,

Only they know what it was like to face death,

Then being blamed for bringing it on themselves through lies and propaganda

They were lied to when they were told that they were children of their nation,

They wait for the end of their torment while they live in fear,

They have memories that will always be scars in their hearts,

Yet they fear that this may not be the end,

All they do is pray that there will not be a next time,

All they have to hold on to is their faith