Its like something has changed,

That’s what I say everyday,

I feels new at times,

Yet at others it feels old


One day I’m happy,

The next I’m angry and sad,

One day I convince myself that I moved on,

The next it feels like I’m holding on


One day I feel ‘strong and independent’ as the world puts it,

The next I feel like the weakest person,

One day I feel like I know myself,

The next I feel like a stranger to my lifes


At times I can’t even answer those questions,

‘Who are you, what do you like?’

Yet I patiently wait,

For a day when it will all male sense




What should I do now,

Who do I talk to,

Where do I go,


Should I ask him why,

Should I tell her what he did,

Should I keep it all to myself


Should I seek answers,

Should I move on,

Should I Google some advice


Should I look for company,

Should I stay alone,

Should I just stop wondering

A new dawn


Its like time flew. One day I was myself then time stopped and I emerged to find something different. I wish I would have brought the girl that was to the girl that is now. The other one seemed to be sure, this one is lost and confused. Years that I cannot even explain have passed by. I feel like there was a gap.

I especially want to reconnect with my love for words. That girl always new the right things to say, and where to find the right words to use. This new girl is different, a little bit more busy, she has nothing to say, and the place where she found comfort is gone, she is always looking for time to be alone, and when she finds it, she enjoys it and it get boring.

I need to find authors and singers that define me, my situations, it used to be so easy easy nowadays its so difficult. Probably a way of nature telling me that I can relate to others, but the time has come that I need to define myself.