They Said


They said that they cared,

Why didn’t they act the part


They said that they’ll always be there,

Where were they when you need a shoulder to lean on


They said they’ll be the reason you smiled,

Yet they caused every tear


They said that they loved you,

Why did you never feel like they did


They said that they loved you,

At least now you know they lied,

After they hurt you



Takes you out,
Gives you the keys,
Gives you the passwords,
Yet you still live in doubt

Flirts all day,
Jobless but always travels,
Never answers your questions,
Tells you you are paranoid

With months,
He’s the person you hate most,
You know he’s lying,
You’ve never seen anything wrong

When the truth comes out,
It was never your fault,
He just got better than he deserved,
And he taught you to be stronger