She remembered it everyday, it was like his memory always stood in her way. With everything she tried to do, he was on her mind. Yes she had tried to act strong but it was impossible. Her words were strong yet inside the truth was that she grew weaker everyday.

She recalled every lie. The times she asked about her and he said she was just a friend. She remembered the feeling when she found out that they had moved in together. For more than a year, he had been lying to her.

The experience had made her weaker, and not stronger. Yet with time she started to gather the strength and the truth became less painful, he never cared, he was using her and he was desperate and a coward for leaving her in the dark. That was just one fall, she had learnt her lessons and it was time to move on because there was nothing in the past that was worth holding on since better things and people were waiting for her ahead. All that pain she had experienced was almost vanishing, but the lessons she had learnt, she would certainly hold on to the them forever.