A rift created between the pretty ones and the others,

Another rift created between the bright ones and the others

Who makes these rules?

Don’t be curvy,

Don’t be slender

Don’t be too light,

Don’t be too dark

Be independent,

But try to hide the fact that you are

Strive to look like the girl in print and visual media,

Whether you’ll use Photoshop or surgery

Stand up for your rights,

But not in front of the big boys

Satisfy sexual satisfaction,

But be shamed for dating many guys or not being a virgin

Go to work,

But you’ll earn less

If you speak up,

You are simply a nag

You’ve come a long way,

I’m shocked that you still want equity

You don’t make the rules,

So try to hush

Who makes the rules?

A woman in my world,

Is still defined by others

Rather than herself



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