She’ll be Bad


She was good,

Till she met the bad bad boys,

She used to do everything right,

Everything the world said that a good girl should do,

Till the bad ones broke her.


He said he loved her,

He wanted to be with her for the rest of his life,

And when he got what he wanted,

He left her for someone better,

Whom he married.


She met another,

He said he loved her,

But when she gave him her chance,

He hit her,

And called her names,

Until she could take no more.


With time she got tired,

She believed that she was nothing,

She changed so that people would fear her,

All because she did not want to have a broken heart.


She let everyone think that she was loose,

She became rude,

She acted like she never cared,

She became the bad girl.


But deep down,

She knew that she was protecting herself,

And it was better to close her doors,

Than to be broken by by someone she grew to trust and love.




One thought on “She’ll be Bad

  1. thefeatheredsleep

    Great image of transformation

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