His New Friend


His new friend,

Is her new source of worry


He describes him as he hears him describe himself,

Quite the macho man,

But he is very normal,

Just overconfident


They hang out together quite often,

Confide in each other at times


But most of the times,

He tries to divert him


‘Can you cheat on her?’,

He asks


While in the bar,

And they spot a hot girl,

‘Can you sleep with her, just for today?’

He asks


While they hang out,

‘Suppose you make more money,

Will you leave her for a better girl?’

He asks


Although he tells her all these,

And says that he would never,

It is quite clear that he is fond of him.


And once a girl has been hurt,

She has to proceed with caution,

And that is why his new friend,

Is a big source of worry…


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