Strong Man


She was raised,

To treat men right


When he is hungry,

… she cooks for him


When she talks to him,

… he can disrespect her


When he messes up,

… she cleans up


When he forgets,

… she reminds him


When he insults her,

… she should tolerate it


He is a man,

… that is what she was told,

She should obey him


And that is what she learnt


He could disrespect,

He could insult her,

He could act like a child,

He had to be looked after,

He could do what he wanted to


… provided he was behind closed doors

… that is what she had observed


She knew the truth,

He was a strong man behind closed doors,

In the real world, he had to prove it,

Because in the real world,

Titles are not just handed,

…neither is respect



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