What You Wish For


Sometimes you make a wish,

And it comes true


An unbelievable moment,

Becomes a lasting one


And you wonder,

When do wishes come true


When you make them,

Or months after


In a dark night,

In front of a tiny shop


Or on a long walk home,

Talking and eating your favorite cookies


In a rooftop watching the stars and the moon,

Or in the house you’ve never been comfortable in


On a first date,

Or when you begin to know them


When you’ve been through enough,

And the world finally gives you a break


You don’t even know


But suddenly you are living out your dream,

And you are not alone,

Since someone special is living every moment with you


So you stop asking the questions,

And you choose to enjoy every moment


Its clear each and everyday,

That you are not living a dream,

You are living your life


After a long time,

You finally got what you deserved




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