How I Turned 23


I remember watching Spiderman where Jamie Foxx acts as a scientist as it begins. He is a loner, and weird in the movie. Before he turns, we are shown what his birthday is like, no one remembers it, and he buys a cake for himself and sings to himself. I watched that part thinking ‘that’s me’.

My birthday has traditionally been between me and my dad. I basically nag him for a month and he does something special, But as years have gone by, I have somehow stopped. Then again, I never tell anyone else because I think that if someone is interested in my birthday, they would know it. So because of this, for the past 5-6 years they have been people that I have always associated with my birthday and I basically spend my whole birthday week celebrating with them.

But this year was different, I did not want any celebration from these constants but rather just a few special people. I had also deleted my facebook so I got less wishes. I did mention my birthday week on a whatsapp status as everyone keeps nagging me about not telling them its my birthday. I had no expectations but I wished for just one thing that I woule remember for the rest of my life.

So my day began by my dad singing and I interrupted him because it felt like I was a child, but it later turned into the worst normal day I ever had, and I basically will remember it because it was one day I really wanted to end.

Nonetheless, they were special messages from my constants which I appreciated. But I do hope that next year things will be different and I will get to spend it with all the people I have been spending it with for most of my life. I would like to rectify how my birthday turned out to be disappointing this year.


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