Who Am I?



Who am I?

Living in a world where many ask these questions,

Yet few are likely to admit it


We act like we know who we are,

Yet we are frequently trying to acquire characteristics

… that are ‘accepted’ in today’s world


We want to look normal,

We want to fit in,

We are not allowed to be weird, antisocial or anything ‘bad’


We describe ourselves by who people want us to be,

By the qualities society expect us to have,

Not by what we really are


So before the interviews,

We have to Google about what we will answer

… when we are asked who we are


When meeting new people,

We have already trained,

On making a good first impression


When looking for a criminal,

We always looked shocked,

Because the people they lived with

… knew them as ‘kind’, ‘loving’,

And many other acceptable qualities


We describe ourselves,

In a way that makes us look better,

Than the other person,


What happened to being unique,

To valuing who we are,

We are living in a world,

Where people are struggling so much to stand out,

That they end up being the same


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