I Did It


Finally did it,

Let go of the past,

The pain,

All that go through it


Finally did it,

Achieved by myself,

All those empty promises you made,

And it feels good


Finally did,

Made a step forward,

After realizing,

You are the best thing,

That never went on in my life


All the burdens,

All the pain,

Its all gone


Thank you,

For the life lessons,

You taught me,

That you’ll never get to lern


Thank you,

For making me know,

Desperate people,

And those who’ll hurt others,

Just to feel confident


Thank you,

For reminding me of a past,

And adding on to it,

Hoping one day it will change lives


I finally let go,

Did it all by myself,

Watched my dreams come true


Thank you for hurting me,

Because of you,

I’ll learn to love even more,

I’ll know who’s a liar,

And whose right for me


I did it,

Through God’s grace,

And the little strength i had in me,

I said ‘goodbye’,

To the past


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