She Changed

She had been broken enough,

Used by who she least expected,

After the ‘last time’,

She changed


She didn’t know how,


Love was but a word


It was her time to hurt others,

To take them for granted,

To use them


She went from celibacy,

To having many men,

Yet she never cared


Society judged her,

In their words,

‘She changed for the worst’,


‘A whore’, ‘a bitch’, ‘a junkie’,

Words people describe her with

They used to call her a good girl and an angel


Yet what’s the point,

Now she cares less,

Its a new her


She does not care anymore,

In her own words,

‘I stopped giving a fuck’


Despite the judgment,

If they could have been good to her,

She’d still be their definition of a good girl


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