The fall.

wedding & bank aisles

(…continuation) Take a moment, think about yourself as I think about myself too. If you did not go to the schools you did, if I did not have the things I have, wear the watches I wear, have the circle of friends I have, have the memories I have, thrown the parties ive thrown, earned the salary I earn, have the side business I earn from, what would I have? Nothing. Character, values. Do you see the character and values of a beggar in the street, or you just look at them with pity? If you had nothing, if I had nothing, would B my ex or V love me? cause right now they both claim to be head over heels for me.

“I hardly very approach guys…”

What B was being serious, I could tell from her tone, she was not even lookibn g at me, she was looking…

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