Be A Good Girl


She grew up,

raised to be a quiet one,

Never opposed a thing


She went to religious schools,

Was taught not to speak to the boys,

Nor sleep with them,

As she grew older,

…and she would get rewarded


She was taught how to dress,

How to talk,

How to walk,

How to behave


She was what everyone wanted her to be,

Not what she wanted to be


So she lived a secret life,

A perfect girl on the outside,

Did well in school,

Polite to everyone


Yet secretly,

She lived her life,

Let different people in,

Went where she wanted,

… but got home on time,

Drunk and took what she want,

… no one would notice,

If anyone knew,

She would be an outcast


So she secretly lives the life she wants,

And publicly does what society expects,

If you ask her who she is,

She’ll say what she’s not

‘I’m a good girl’



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