I See You


He said I see you

You usually walk past here

Every evening

At 6 pm


She wasn’t impressed

He must be one of those idlers’

She thought

‘Oh well’ she said,

And started to walk away


He held her arm

Asked her to hold on

Perhaps she could give him her number


She said ‘no’,

‘Why don’t you ask for it tomorrow evening at 6pm’


He pushed on

She gave him


He grabbed his phone from his friend

Gave it to her to put down her number

Then saw her in shock


He took the phone

‘Oh that’

He said

‘Sorry for the porn’

Then there was awkward silence

‘It belongs to my friend’


To avoid the awkward moment

She gave him the number

And that was the beginning

Of a relationship

That was both a blessing and a curse

A cursed blessing





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