Fear of Parents


One of the things I’ve noticed among my age mates and I growing up is the relationship that they have with  parents. To some extent it looks like parents try to make their children fear them and most children grow up fearful of their parents(depending on cultural setting).

Above 20 years, where economic needs increase because of campus life, one thing that I’ve noticed is that even in desperate crucial times, most of my friends would rather borrow money from a friend and be in debt than from a parent.

It’s the same case in certain stressful situations like rape, or intimate partner abuse, having poor grades among other things. Where do most children or relatively young college students turn to? A sad reality is that they turn to Google or YouTube for advice or close friends as opposed to their guardians.

Even when they are sick they would rather suffer is silence than ask the parent to take them to hospital and if they do, they would turn to the ‘more soft parents’.

Parents are depicted as people to fear in my society which is a bad thing according to me. They should be respected but they should also be there emotionally for their children.

An important question however is, even if you have grown up fearful of your parents, will you take a different approach when it comes to raising your children? From a number of friends that I’ve asked, it pretty much seems that they’d take a similar approach to that of their parents.

All in all, I hope that the future the family foundation will be a strong one. If you don’t have family at home, you go to look for it at other places which at times are the wrong ones.


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