The world always reminds you

Either in a humane or an inhumane way


That kid

Who goes to school

And is treated like an outcast

Always reminded

With or without words

That they not like the rest

And the day that they go out of their way to fit in

Applying make up, getting new clothes

The kid is still brought down

The message clear

You are not like ‘the rest’


The girl with the hijab

She walks around with it

People stare awkwardly

After an attack

Even if it is miles away

Or even when there hasn’t been one

People try to get away from her

She climbs the bus

Everyone alights

People don’t even want ta ask her simple questions

Like where she’s from

Or who she is

Or even what she likes

When they do

They make assumptions

Just to remind her ‘who she is’


That kid

Going of to college

Not to do what they’ve always dreamt of

They are going to do what the family wants them to do

The family has a reputation

Which the child shouldn’t ruin

They should be lucky that they have tuition fees

They shouldn’t forget that the family has a reputation

… and a legacy to keep


The rebellious one

Always ruining things

Many people have given up on them already

Good thing there will always be that one person who cares

To remind them that they can be better

Not in a way that society wants him/her to be

… but in their own unique way


With all the motivational talks

All the encouragement given everyday

All the times that we are told to be proud of ourelves

Someone will always want to put you in your place


That’s why we have the

‘You are too fat’

‘You are too ugly’

‘You’ll never make it’

‘You don’t have what it takes’


Being told to someone day in day out

Just to remind someone of ‘who they are’

Just to give them a clue of ‘who they should be’


The  few lucky ones

Are those who get to be better each day

Regardless of what message people try to pass













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