She Told Me

She raised me

She taught me lots of things

She told me to sit like a girl

… but I did not do that all the time

She told me to be good

…yet at times being good did not feel right

She told me to do well in school

…yet at times studies were so hard

She told me to stay away from trouble

…but at times trouble looked like a lot of fun or I created it

She told me which of my friends I should be cautious about

…yet I chose to give everyone the benefit of the doubt

She told me to keep away from the bad guys

…yet once in a while you end up loving such

She told me to turn to her any time

…but at times it was hard to do that

She told me to be myself

…at times I pretended to be somebody else, just to fit in

She told me many things

I am grateful for all of them

Yet I’m glad that she never forced me

To do all she told me

She let me learn

She let me be myself

She has me looking forward to the day

That she’ll tell me

That I made her proud


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