You thought that after all you had been through

The search was over

Finally you had found a person that was meant for you

You got ‘the best’ and you deserved it

Even when you felt like something was not right

You tried to convince yourself

… that its all about taking risks

Yet you knew that it was not right

… but it was ‘better’

You tell yourself that nobody’s perfect

Yet you know that you deserve better

You hold on to someone that will never hold on to you

You are scared of letting go

Yet you know that its the right thing to do

You are scared of getting hurt again

Yet you are not happy

… and you are already getting hurt

You are tired

… but its expectations and false hopes

… that keep you holding on

You feel weak

… letting go requires strength

… but you are going to hold on

… till they let go

… or until it eventually fades




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