Life tried to tell me that strength has many different meanings

At times it looked like shouting back

Other times like hitting or punching the other person

At other times, measured by how many beers you could handle

But life also taught me to define things by myself

Not how the celebrity or the politician or even the teacher or the parent defines it

I learnt that at times strength is keeping quiet

At other times, it’s just being nice

Sometimes, being able to get up when you’ve fell so many times

At times,it’s that smile and the courage to say, ‘I’m okay’

Other times it’s just crying

Then at times it’s letting go

… of something you’ve always wanted to hold on to

At times, it’s being able to stand up for others

Being kind to the person whose never treated you right

At times it is having the power to say NO or even YES

Other times its being able to tell someone how you really feel

Of course not everyone agrees

That’s always got me asking ‘What is strength?’

All in all, I do know that I am strong.


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